Dymond Lake Seasoning

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Dymond Lake Seasoning (DLS) is our own unique blend of herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of soups, stews, sauces, seafood, salads, vegetables, meats and all wild game. Dymond Lake Seasoning contains dextrose, celery salt, seasoned salt, onion powder, seasoned pepper, paprika, bell peppers, garlic powder, oregano, basil, parsley, thyme, coriander and nutmeg. DLS contains no MSG. It is available in 6 oz. and 12 oz. jars, and in 16 oz. bulk bag portions.

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9 reviews for Dymond Lake Seasoning

  1. kevin (verified owner)

    Fell in love with their seasoning when I guided for the Webbers in the 90s. Still ordering it today.

    • Blueberries & Polar Bears

      That’s so nice to hear Kevin! Thank you!

  2. Nancy

    Love to use this seasoning on potatoes and meats and also grilling asparagus. My go to for most everything I cook. Just learned that the store where it had been available is now closed, so that brought me to this website listed on the bottle. I go through 2-3 bottles a year when we are eating at home a lot. So glad I’ll still be able to purchase it through the website!

    • Blueberries & Polar Bears

      Thank you Nancy, so nice to hear that you are enjoying the seasoning!

  3. Melanie

    Was given this seasoning as a gift! Loved it. We use it for everything.

    • Blueberries & Polar Bears

      Thanks for letting us know Melanie! And thank you for your kind words!

  4. Carole Gamble

    We went to the Yukon in the late nineties and I purchased three of your cookbooks along with the Dymond Lake Seasoning spice. I have used many of your recipes and have reordered the spice once and now my last 12 oz. jar is nearly empty so I am re-ordering. It is excellent and can’t be without, especially when one is a hunter!!

  5. Carole Gamble

    We went to the Yukon in the late nineties. I purchased three of your cookbooks and two jars of your spice. Excellent. One can not be without the seasoning if you cook any wild game or wild fowl/uplands birds!! I have ordered once before and now must reorder, the blend is exceptional!!

    • Blueberries & Polar Bears

      Thank you so much Carole! So happy to hear you are enjoying the cookbooks, and the Dymond Lake Seasoning!

  6. Christi Zuck

    What a great spice for everything! I even it in my potato salad! Many compliments on it. I use it in canning asparagus also!! Along with all the wild game I cook and fish.

  7. Nelson Hinds

    Excellent seasoning. You can use it on salmon, pike or any other fish. And yes… I had a wonderful time fishing on North Knife Lake way back in 1998!!

  8. Rebecca E. Krabill

    love your recipes and stories.

  9. Michelle Mattson

    The BEST!!! I put it on everything. I live in Grand Forks, ND and i am so glad i can get more online. Thank you! Great in Caesars and Bloody Mary’s.

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