Vinarterta comes to us compliments of Helen Webber’s Icelandic heritage. It has been handed down through her family for generations, and is served only on festive occasions.

Curried Squash Soup

Whenever Helen and I taste a soup we really like, we take it as a challenge to go home and duplicate it. This is one such challenge — conquered! We hope you enjoy the prize!

Crunchy Brown Buns

These delicious buns were a result of Marie's quest for a flavourful, crunchy, whole grain bun. We use Red River Cereal, which is a combination of cracked wheat, rye and flax, but a similar whole grain cereal will work.

Grand Prize Winner! Laura Plett!

Congratulations to Laura Plett of Stead, Manitoba! Laura was one of the Grand Prize winners in our 1st Annual Blueberries & Polar Bears Culinary Contest, sponsored by Churchill Wild! Laura created Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce from her mother's Black Currants & Caribou cookbook and it looks delicious, as you can see in her photo above. Laura's winning essay submission follows below: Growing up, my mom always had a copy of “Black Currants & Caribou”, although at that time I ...

Grand Prize Winner! Betty Ann Luraschi.

Congratulations to Betty Ann Luraschi of New York! Betty Ann was one of the Grand Prize winners in our 1st Annual Blueberries & Polar Bears Culinary Contest, sponsored by Churchill Wild! Betty Ann created Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken from the Blueberries & Polar Bears cookbook for a dinner party in New York. Betty Ann's photo is above. Betty Ann's winning essay submission follows below: We stayed at the Dymond Lake Ecolodge in November 2016 and enjoyed all the food so much that my ...

Blueberries & Polar Bears 1st Annual Culinary Contest!

Welcome to the 1st Annual Blueberries & Polar Bears Culinary Contest, sponsored by Churchill Wild! We’re proud to announce that we’ve now sold over 100,000 copies of the Blueberries & Polar Bears cookbooks, and the feedback has been tremendous! Developed at our wilderness and polar bear lodges over the past four decades by our original chefs and co-authors Helen Webber and Marie Woolsey, the culinary creations in these cookbooks have been heavily table-tested by guides, staff ...

Cranberry-glazed Roast Turkey Breast with Wild Rice Stuffing

Just in time for the holiday season! This recipe for cranberry-glazed roast turkey breast with wild rice stuffing was created by Karen Burns-Booth of Lavender and Lovage after a visit to Seal River Heritage Lodge in the fall of 2016. The accomplished food and travel writer, recipe developer, food stylist, photographer and cook interviewed Blueberries & Polar Bears co-author Helen Webber while at Seal River and added her own personal twist to a recipe that appeared in our Icebergs & ...

Sour Cream Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

This recipe has evolved at our house over the years and has spread far and wide. We have served these delicious pancakes to people from around the world and they always have seconds. They're great served with maple syrup or heaped with sweetened strawberries and piled high with whipped cream. Add fresh blueberries to the batter or serve them with Blueberry Sauce (below).

Almond-Crusted Trout with Leek and Lemon Cream

This fish entrée is simply amazing! The original recipe calls for Arctic Char, but it also works deliciously well with Lake Trout and Salmon, a cousin to Arctic Char!

Winnie’s Sweet ‘N’ Sour Fish

Winston came to work for us in 1991. He was our first Japanese fishing guide and brought a new element to the operation. Not only was he a first class guide, but he was somewhat of a chef. And he was dynamite in the garnishing department! After he had been around for a couple of weeks, I kept finding him lurking in my pantry. Now the pantry is just NOT where most of our guides hang out. Finally, one day I asked if there was anything he needed. "Well," he said, "I need the ingredients for sweet ...